You have found us! … or perhaps we have found you.

I would like to welcome you to the root: community emporium!

You know, in a lot of ways, the root is just a place. It’s a building – a very old, quirky building – on a busy street in downtown Lloydminster.

Oh but how we have taken this simple structure and made it our own! – We being the eclectic and unofficial collective of artisans, musicians, listeners, chefs, servers, painters, crafters, dancers, teachers, onlookers, dreamers… Who continually step through the doors and bring zest to all that these walls contain – with some artistic overspill in the form of sun soaked patio musings, summery outdoor concerts and yarn cozied trees.

Sometimes I feel my sole task is to keep the doors open to this humble building – as it has always been my intention to provide a place where people have an opportunity to gather and share stories & knowledge, to re-connect with a part of themselves they perhaps do not always get to be out loud, and to eat delicious, locally sourced food all the while.

The Root may just be a place; but it is our place, yours and mine.

We get to play and celebrate, dance and imagine it however we want, ever anew. Please feel free to join us whenever you can, however you wish to.

See you soon, ♥ Amanda Amundrud

Business Hours

Tuesday – Friday 5pm till 11pm

Wednesday & Saturday 11am till 11pm
Lunch from 11am till 2pm

Hours extended during performances



The goings on at The Root!